I) Wear your heart
Not only on your sleeve
But lace your heart in your words
It’s okay to say “I’m not okay.”

II) You loved him, admit it.
Scream at the top of your lungs
“I loved him!”
Because you loved him,
But the present says otherwise

III) Yes, the world is big
And yes, you are small
And you may feel alone
But remember,
There’s someone crossing oceans
Looking for someone, just like you

IV) Getting drunk
Doesn’t help you forget
You ever loved him,
And smoking cigarettes
Doesn’t get the taste of his tongue
Out of your mouth

V) Destroying yourself does not destroy him,
He is not the cuts you inflict,
Or the pain,
But he is the blade

VI) I promise you, for the love of God
He didn’t leave
Because you are ugly
He left because his heart is ugly

VII) Music connects souls
Find someone who likes your music
They probably feel just like you

VIII) He wasn’t your self worth then,
So why is he now?
You were never once
His self worth

IX) If he doesn’t
Stop the clock for you
He’s honestly not the one

X) You bruise when you fall
And no one catches you
Don’t keep the bruises coming,
They’re not your fault.

XI) Moving on,
Is like being in a tide
No matter how far you get
The tide brings you back

XII) You loved him
And he broke your heart
It’ll be okay,
I promise


12 Things I Learned When Your Broke My Heart (via poetryandpainpills)
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